Stations of the Cross part 5: The Crown and the Long Walk


There was one night when I had a migraine so bad, it felt like someone was beating my head with a pole. While I lay crying, wondering if it would ever end (it was day 24 of the headache), I thought about someone who actually did get beat on the head with a pole. Worse still, they waited until after they put the crown of thorns on His head before they beat Him.

A crown. Of thorns. As if to be beaten on the head wasn’t bad enough. The thorns were likely over an inch long, but still. It hurts my head to think about it.

He did it so my head wouldn’t have to hurt anymore. So I wouldn’t have to be tortured by migraines for the rest of eternity. So I wouldn’t be tortured by self-aggrandizing or self-abasing thoughts. So I could live outside of me and love you. He did it so I could be with Him in joy.

Not only did they give Him a crown of thorns and a beating, they wrapped Him in purple robes and mocked Him with bows and hails to the king.

After receiving the crown of thorns, the beating, and the humiliation, He was presented before the crowds.

“Behold the Man,” Pilate said. Ecco Homo. Look at Him. Take a long studying look. What should be done about this Man?

The response of the crowd was nearly unanimous. “Crucify Him!”

This is less than a week since at least half of them hailed Him as the Son of David, and they called for His death.

And so the cross was set on His shoulders and He was sent on a long, agonizing walk.

Are you beset by discomforting or tormenting thoughts? Do you feel like you have to walk through that alone?

Not only are you not alone, but there was a Man who wore a crown of thorns so you could be free, once and for all.

Behold the Man.


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