The Ugly and the Beautiful

Since I was last on this site, blogging way more than I had time for, many, many changes have ¬†happened in my life and in the world. So many ugly things. So many beautiful things. Here’s the beautiful:

Raphael means God is my Healer.
Raphael means God is my Healer.

I was on bed rest for most of the pregnancy and several weeks after. But God has done a beautiful thing and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

I won’t show you pictures of the ugly. You’ve been inundated with enough of that from CNN, Fox News, etc. From Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter to the Syrian refugee crisis, from ISIS beheading children to Planned Parenthood’s evil black market of body parts, this world has spiraled into the kind of crazy we always talked about fighting when we were¬†kids. Now I see so many people either ignoring or contributing.

I can’t ignore anymore.

This new blog is part of me not ignoring anymore.

I hope you stick around. And help me give some pointers on how to contribute to the solution.


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